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The Exchange Information function exEDB allows the exchange of key information between rights holders and enforcement authorities to help both parties distinguish between original and fake goods.

Rights holders upload their IPR and contact information directly.

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Once their information is entered, rights holders can file and extend customs Applications for Actions AFAs electronically, so that customs can take action at the border on their behalf. The Report detentions function exACIST contains data on the detention of articles that are suspected of infringing intellectual property at borders and in the internal market.

This data is converted into a harmonised format so that it can be compared and aggregated, allowing further analysis of trends and the creation of individualised reports. Registration and use of the Portal is free. The information entered in the Portal by the rights holders is confidential, secure and multilingual.

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If this is the case, please send an email to: ipenforcementportal euipo. In a first step TMClass is the outcome of a Cooperation Fund project where a common classification tool for all participating offices has been created.

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This tool is now the basis of the Harmonisation of Classification project that will have as a final aim to reach a common classification practice. It is for historical reasons that the project brief below addresses both the Cooperation Fund project the common tool and the Convergence programme project the common practice.

Taxonomy: The classification database contains many entries of Goods and Services.

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The taxonomy brings a hierarchical structure in these entries, by means of parent-child relations. For example: footwear is the parent of ultimate trading systems 2 0 nemokama parsisiųsti children shoes and boots. The tool is used to maintain the Harmonised Database of terms for goods and services classification.

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It allows IP Offices participating in the Harmonised Database to reach common decisions on the acceptance of new terms, or any change to the data base, via a voting system. Through the platform, the Database can be updated systematically, thanks to the collaborative effort of the participating Offices. This has clear benefits for users, who can rely on a fully agreed, fully updated and consistent list of classification terms, reflecting the evolution of the market.

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